Expatria News: Understanding Culture Shock 1-7 May

Culture shock, Reverse Culture Shock and just plain ol’ shock…

Expatriate media is, by-and-large, a friendly and helpful place – guides and tips proliferate.

One ever-present topic is that of ‘culture shock’ – the challenges of assimilation, living between societies or on the edge of societies.

Joseph Shaules in The Telegraph, is the latest to offer his hand in support and his dissection of ‘culture surprise, culture stress and culture shock’ makes the issue far easier to comprehend.

The Telegraph – http://bit.ly/1E2rO8p

Reverse Culture Shock

In the Wall Street Journal, Debra Bruno highlights that repatriation can be more of an issue than expatriation. The support that the likes of Shaules provides can be lacking for expats returning to their ‘native’ culture that now feels foreign and distant.

Tina Quick identifies ‘the same sad, familiar story over and over again ‘I don’t fit in here, I don’t belong, I can’t connect with anyone.’

Amongst expat writers, ‘belonging everywhere and nowhere’ is a bittersweet malaise that informs their writing. Bruno reminds of Naomi Hattaway’s article ‘I am a Triangle’, a piece that highlights the tribulations of existing in a third culture, one not quite the first or the second.

Debra Bruno in WSJ – http://on.wsj.com/1OGkSot

Naomi Hattaway – http://bit.ly/1uBTTlg

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