Expatria News 7-14 March

70 year-old British expat found dead in France

Mystery surrounds the death of 70 year old expat Donald King in France. His body was found in a well in Normandy by French police and a suspect remains in custody.

King’s death raises a sad and unique matter for expats killed abroad. Such deaths prove to be more complicated cases, in their cross-border and -culture nature.

In King’s case, Interpol initially dismissed a missing person’s enquiry as they believed the expat to be travelling to visit his daughter in Australia. King’s case is an example of how ‘falling-off-the-grid’ and living the transient life abroad can obscure truth and make justice difficult to attain.


Israel through an expat’s lens

Expats frequently present places in new ways, observing difference in a way no native can. In Tel Aviv, The Financial Times found Celia Gould, wife to the UK ambassador to Israel.

Celia made a friend a lot of expats do on arrival in her new home, her camera. ‘I started to discover Israel through photography’ said Gould, who know runs a start-up, selling bespoke silk scarfs in Israel.


The Great Crate Escape

A homesick brit in Australia, attempted to return home by mailing himself back to the UK – in a wooden crate. In 1965, welsh-born Brian Robson survived a 12,900 kilometres misguided trip to Los Angeles in a bid to get back home. The fledging expat spent 92 hours nailed in the wooden box before he was discovered.


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